Heavy configuration issues

Hi guys,
We cannot make the rov work in stabilize mode. We have followed all the steps to accomplish motor direction configuration and downloaded the firmware as well ( 3.5.3). The rov works in manual but not in stabilize mode.

Any tips?

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Hi Manuela,

Can you tell us what happens in stabilize mode? Does the ROV go out of control?


Hi, when we dive it, and work in stabilize mode it has no control at all… The rov starts doing somersaults. It is completely out of control.
When we want to check it outside water the thrusters rotates at a very high speed. Don’t know if they should …do they?

Sorry, I was writing by phone and nothing is clear. I was trying to explain that the Rov in stabilize mode is completely out of control and it starts doing somersaults, it turns upside down and we have no way to pilot. It does all this movements very fast and quickly. I wrote it looks like to be in acrobat mode, the one you show in your video but with more power and no control.
We checked more times the thrusters configuration to be sure and it is correct.
All the others functions work.
Thanks for help

@sorsricerche, This problem is 99% of the time cause by incorrect motor configuration.

Can you make a video of the problem and send a log file (QGC saves them in the documents folder after closing the application)? Does the artificial horizon in QGC appear correct?

Hi, the artificial horizon in QGC appears correct ( I have read what you suggested to a guy about the blu and green colors position on the right side of the screen).

I cannot do a video right now but I will do in a short time.

Do you mean if I can take a video when the rov starts working like this and send you a log file ?
I think it saves in a folder.

As soon as I will take the video, I will send.
In the meanwhile, please, whatever else comes in your mind to solve this problem…let’s know.

Thanks again

Please contact support@bluerobotics.com if you would also like to arrange an appointment for remote help. (I log on to your computer to check it out.)

Thanks a lot, I 'll keep in mind.

Take care

Hi Jacob
Just had the ROV in the tank for some more testing after calibrating the sensors and adjusting the weights/buoyancy.
The ROV works fine i manual mode but when going into stab mode it flips and somersaults out of control. I red your statement regarding 99% of the times it is caused by incorrect motor configuration. By incorrect motor configuration do you mean that the thrusters have been placed incorrectly ie. thruster no 6 is in no8 pos ? Because if the rotation only was the problem then it would be an issue even in manual mode?
Pixhawk is laying flat horizontally and artificial horizon appears good. What would be Roll 90 on a BR2 is set to NONE (Since its mounted to a horizontal plane and arrow pointing fwd?)

@SDI, please complete the ‘configure motor directions’ step in the setup instructions.

I have already made sure all propellers are pushing air/water in the correct direction in manual mode. Wont reversing the motor(s) make them go the wrong way ( My propellers are not left / right propellers as according to BR2 set-up so I have manually adjusted them in parameter MOT settings. It works fine in manual mode. But I will give your suggestion a try. You seem to have right every time so… :slight_smile:

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It is a bit difficult to explain by typing, but there are several points in the pipeline where the thrust direction can be ‘reversed’. It is possible to make a mistake setting up in a certain order that it will work in manual mode, but not stabilized modes. If the instructions are completed entirely and in order, it will be configured correctly.

And that did the trick. Thnx