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BlueROV2 Camera Soft/Focus Issues

(Mark Langille) #1

Anyone else noticing issues with the Pi wide angle camera on the BlueROV2 being very soft and having focus issues?

We noticed our seems to only focus in the center upper right sector, the rest is mostly out of focus slightly, certainly not an equal overall focus.

Tried adjusting the lens a bit but focus window is very small so cannot get full image in focus evenly.

Wondering is this is a known issue or possibly we have an issue with the lens/camera perhaps.

(Rusty) #2

@schoonerlabs - Interesting. We usually see the best focus right in the center and slight softening towards the extreme edges. It might be a bit out of focus if you’re seeing the focus off in the center.

(Mark Langille) #3

I’ll try and post some screenshots when I get a chance to show what we are seeing.

(Jeremy) #4

@schoonerlabs - I’ve been seeing something similar. In my case, focus is good in the center and upper part but soft in the lower portion.

Here’s a link to some highlights from my first test dives:


The video quality is low to meet website demands but around the 3:20 mark, when viewing the piling, the lower portion is not focused as well as the upper part. My initial thought was that the dome end cap was having an additional lens effect and throwing off the focus. . . but I really don’t know anything about optics. I may try rotating the end cap 180 degrees for the next dive, just to see if it has any effect.

(Mark Langille) #5

Hard to tell from the video but ours focuses off center for sure. Going to do a bit more testing.

We noticed it on the bench without the dome as well.

(Rusty) #6

@schoonerlabs - Let me know how it goes. We’ll test some of the cameras we have set up here and see how the focus looks.

(Jeremy) #7

So, this is what I’m seeing here. I played with the focus and got it a little better. . . maybe. I think the wide angle lens is a great idea for piloting but I’m concerned with the generally poor focus that I’m getting. Being able to capture quality footage is a key part of my project. Does anyone have experience with different lenses? Am I safe to assume that this is a standard S / M12 mount and so there are other options?

(Rusty) #8

Hi Jeremy,

The lens holder is a standard S / M12 mount so you can use just about any lens as long as it’s not a super short focus distance like 0.9mm.


(Jeremy) #9

Thanks, Rusty. I’ll do some research and talk to some photography friends. I really like the field of view that the fisheye lens provides but the depth of field seems to be pretty narrow. So, I guess that’s what I’m really after - a greater depth of field. If I get a chance to play with different lenses, I’ll be sure to post some results/pics.

(Mark Langille) #10

Similar to what we are seeing as well. Going to do a bit more testing but will probably try some other lenses we have on hand from UAV FPV setups.

I think part of the issue is the limited focal length.