BROV2 1st Dive Test: Control Issues

I’m happy to say that the first dive test was, generally, a success. The BlueROV2 performed well in “Manual” flight mode and while I only went to 5 meters, there were no leaks.

I am having an issue with “Stabilized” and “Depth Hold” flight modes though: Immediately after switching from manual to either of these modes, the ROV begins violently rolling to the left and is not controllable. Has anyone seen this before? Any ideas?

Topside computer is linux mint 18.0, “ArduSub PX4-vectored” firmware from 8/26/2016, and QGroundControl daily build from 8/12/2016. Unfortunately, the latest daily build hangs with a blank white screen.

I’m also curious as to what people are using to capture video. I’m currently just using Kazam to do a screen capture which is great to record the pilot view but I’d like to find a good way to capture raw video in the highest resolution possible. Anyone have a solution that is working well for them?

Thanks for the help!

It sounds like you have not set the autopilot orientation parameter correctly.


See here: Strange problem about the depth hold mode - #20 by jwalser

@Jacob Thanks for the reply. I think I’ve got it working now: The autopilot orientation was set correctly, however, the vertical thrusters mot parameters were reversed. Stick forward = dive makes more sense to me than the QGC default which is opposite of that - probably why I didn’t consider it a problem in manual flight mode. Either way, seems to be working well now. . . and I can adapt.


Ahh, I reached this conclusion on the basis that it was functioning correctly in manual mode, under the assumption that down on the joystick means descend. Thank you for the details, glad you got it working. A troubleshooting/verification instruction set is probably in order for the documentation.