Camera misaligned

Try my luck again

So the camera is pointing to the right float and light. I have tried turning the electronics tray, thinking that was the issue but no result. It tilts straight tho.

I am looking to pack the mount out a bit to get realignment but thought I’d better ask first.

The camera n mount hasn’t been knocked by me but could have happened in transit.

Is there a way to adjust it back to the Centre without packing it out?

A minor niggle but needs to be aligned so clients get quality video

Thanks in advance

Hi Kaos,

Its possible that the mount may have been slightly knocked off center during shipping, and you can readjust the screws to get it back to the center. However, it may also be a software issue- the Raspberry Pi camera crops the image a bit, and can do so off center. There will be an updated Raspberry Pi image soon which has the necessary parameters to ensure that this does not happen.


Hi Adam,

I think it is the software and hope it is sorted soon. I need to make some money with the rov real soon coz banks don’t wait n I have a shopping list for blue robotics to fulfill.

The longer I wait, the more competition I may encounter. Reality bites hard sometimes

Cheers Dougie

Hi guys,
Any update on the pi image to solve the camera cropping issue?
I have finished my testing /training stage and now need footage I can show clients.

Kaos can you take a picture of the position of the camera with it powered up and where is centers? That may help us determine if it is a mechanical vs camera image issue.

so here are some photos of it powered up and also screengrabs from test dive.

So Mark,
The camera looks straight in the case but the video feed shows it pointing a long way to the right. The camera still looks straight when tilted as well.

Yes it does appear to be mounted straight. Rather odd.

So since this thread is so quiet, does this mean that I am the only one with this problem?
Still need it resolved ASAP.
If it was a software issue then would have expected to hear about it by now.
Has anybody got any ideas as to how to fix???

Hi Kaos,

We just uploaded a new Raspberry Pi image which should fix this problem. You can download it here, and if you are on Windows, you can use this program to flash the Raspberry Pi SD card. I apologize for keeping you waiting a while for this fix, there were a few other tweaks we wanted to complete and integrate in this latest release. I believe you may be the only person with such an extreme camera cropping issue, so please let us know if it fixes the problem!


My BR supplied RPi camera works fine (image and direction are aligned) even though the camera cable took a hit during shipping.
I assume that you are using the BR supplied RPi camera in your ROV?

Thanks Adam,
Will try the fix today n let you know what happens.
And yeah TC full BR2 advanced kit.
Still a great tool with heaps of potential

Hi all,
Ok so i had a much better result with the new image of Pi, but as you can see in the attached photos, the bottom of dome and right light still appear in shot.
I was very careful putting the electronics tray back in the tube and keeping everything straight.
If the arm button on the screen of QGC is in the middle of screen, then it is a good reference point for middle bottom view of camera.
Any thoughts about the improved alignment?

Hi Dougie,

Hmmm, that definitely still is misaligned. The updated values we used for the Raspberry Pi camera region of interest worked well for us in our testing to fix a misaligned image. It looks like your issue may be a combination of both software and hardware. Your camera mount looks perfectly straight, but its possible that the camera lens and lens mount may not be perfectly centered over the sensor. Send us an email at and we’ll get a replacement camera to you to fix the problem!


After the last update, my camera is misaligned. Anyone else have this problem?


Hi @Mikxie,

The companion software before 0.0.7 had an error in the software configuration that was actually cropping the bottom and right-hand edges of the image out, and stretching the image. Now the image has the full resolution and correct aspect ratio. You can see the right-hand float now because the pixels that were cut out before are now being used.

Can you manually align the camera to get the field of view you want? If it’s an issue, we can send you another camera mount.


Thank you Jacob,

I will try to align the camera to the left. Else I might crop the videos afterwards. Will it help to move the camera forward?

Next I will order your new usb camera with mount. Are they in stock and do you send by ups or similar?


Hi @Mikxie
I had similar change regarding crop and position in my system after updating.
In the last Companion version the crop and position setup of camera is taken away.
It is now easy to do Your own setup in camera setup:

Add Parameter Region Of Interest (ROI):
–roi Set sensor region of interest
Allows the specification of the area of the sensor to be used as the source for the preview and capture. This is defined as x,y for the top-left corner, and a width and height, with all values in normalised coordinates (0.0 - 1.0). So, to set a ROI at halfway across and down the sensor, and a width and height of a quarter of the sensor, use:
–roi 0.5,0.5,0.25,0.25

Settings for my Pi camera: --roi 0.02,0.0,0.9,0.94
/ Bo

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Thank you Boko, I will try that right away :slight_smile:

For anyone else who may be looking at this, note that the settings at only apply to the raspberry pi camera, not the USB camera.