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Fairing in camera view. Normal?

(Marcus) #1

Hi all, first dive today. First goal was to keep the internals dry, which we managed to do,success! Very happy with the performance. Had plenty of cameras setup with a Garmin Virb we are trialling on the front of the battery tube, a GoPro mounted high on the aft starboard fairing for an over-the-shoulder view of the ROV at work, and a diver getting some half/half dome shots.

I didn’t even notice at the time, but watching back the Kazam screen capture, and the forward starboard fairing is slightly within the on-board camera view. It’s barely noticeable because the ArduSub HUD covers it. But just wanted to check whether this is normal, or an indication I’ve constructed the ROV incorrectly.


(Rusty) #2

Hi Marcus,

I don’t think this is normal but can possibly be adjusted in software. Can you send a screenshot of what it looks like right now?


(Marcus) #3

Hi Rusty,

See image below. There was some condensation so it’s not the clearest shot. I can’t see why the image can be skewed, as far as I can tell the lens is located dead centre, and each fairing protrudes the same distance. I guess with the wide angle lens, it would only need to be off centre slightly to cause a problem. Is it possible the camera/lens is pointing to the right (rather than located to the right), and is it possible to adjust this mount?
FYI, while searching for Ardusub/BlueROV2 screenshots, I have seen a few other users whose screenshots suggest their fairing is also in view.


(Oystein Skarholm) #4

I have the same issue, so I moved the camera a bit on the skew. Now both sides are barely visible. I also think that the camera should be much closer to the dome wall as to get a better view downwards just in front of the ROV but also reduce the reflection when diving in shallow water a sunny day.

(Rusty) #5


Yikes, this is definitely not normal. Does the camera look like it is physically skewed at all?

There’s a way to make small adjustments in software but this looks be a very large skew. That could be caused by the lens adapter being attached incorrectly but we do check all of these before they go out. If you’d like we can exchange that camera and then we can diagnose the problem over here.

Let me know if you’d like to do that.


(Marcus) #6

Hi Rusty, there’s nothing obviously skewed. As far as I can tell it is pointing straight ahead. It looks like it just needs to be moved across a little. Are there other attachment points for the camera that make it possible to move it on that plane?(I haven’t opened it up again as all my cables are tied in place)