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Blue Robotics Order - Assembly


I received the BlueRobotics sub recently (ordered fro Curtin University, Australia) and have assembled the sub based on the instructions.

I am currently missing the top side board that powers the umbilical cable.
Two boxes are still to come from the order but the shipping list doesn’t mention the board.
Who is the best contact in ordre to confirm that the top side board was in the original order and if it wasn’t then who to contact to arrange shipment. I was told Rusty Hanger may be the man !

On assembly.

  1. I have some leftover plastic fairing from the assembly. What are they for ?
  2. I have a low light camera but couldn’t instructions on how to replace the exisiting raspberry pi camera with this new one.



Is the missing part you referring to the topside Fathom X module? This piece should have been included in the same box as the rest of the ROV. The ROV is battery powered, not powered through the tether. If you are missing something, please email support@bluerobotics.com with your address.

What does the plastic fairing look like? The BlueROV2 has 4 blue fairings that enclose the bouyancy foam, is this what you are referring to?

To install the USB camera, you will need to plug the 4 pin connector on the cable into the back of the camera, and plug the other end into one of the usb ports on the back of the Pi. Did you also get a camera mount? The camera uses a different mount than the Raspberry Pi camera.


PS, Rusty’s last name is Jehangir, and you are correct, he is the man.

The fairing look like the side frame but without the top part. There are
two long tubes and what could be spare horizontal frame.

Not sure if they are just spares or used for something else.

I can’t see the Fathom X topside in the shipping list

Just checked the shipping list, The extra bits are for a payload skid !