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BlueROV in Lab I3S

(Lam Hung NGUYEN) #1

Hi all,

We are in Laboratory I3S in France. We aim to develop new control algorithms for AUV for problem of pipeline following using camera. For that purpose, we are building an experimental platform based on kit BlueROV.

Avoiding problems relating to tax when shipping from the US, we have purchased a kit BlueROV and other components via syera.fr (an authorized distributor of Bluerobotics in France). In addition, syera also helps us to purchase some components from bluerobotics.com (that are currently not available in its website).


  • Thanks to detail documents and videos from bluerobotics, we feel not complicating for assembling.
  • There is a doubt about the marine epoxy. As recommended by bluerobotics, it is Locite Marine Epoxy. However, it can be shipped only in the US. In France, we find in Amazone.fr J-B Marine Weld Colle époxy. Is there anyone has experience with this epoxy? Is it “good” like the Locite?
Electronics – components to control / power the ROV We would like to share our progress and hope to read from other BlueROV owner.


(Rusty) #2


Thank you for posting! I look forward to following you progress!

Best regards,