Blue ROV2 Heavy with Detachable Tethers - For Sale

This BlueROV2 was professionally assembled and tested for my client per the manufacturer’s recommendations. The waterproof housings were vacuum tested, electronics and thrusters were tested on the bench. All components and functions were tested during 7 dives in a freshwater pool. All dives were fully documented. The pixhawk has been configured by a very experienced roboticist and UAS technician.


• Advanced electronics package with Raspberry Pi and live 1080P HD streaming
• Lithium ion battery (4S 18,000 mAh)
• Low-light HD USB Camera, Mount and Camera Tilt System
• SOS Leak Sensor and Probes
• Baro/pressure sensor
• Temperature Sensor
• Fathom-X Tether Interface Board Set
• 4 lights
• 200 meter detachable tether
• 60 meter detachable tether
• 1 meter tether for bench testing
• Pelican carrying case for laptop and topside controls
• Joystick controller
• Lead Ballast
• Vacuum tester
• Toolkit
• Spares kit

• Laptop computer with QGround Control software (optional: $750)


Heavy Configuration: This installed kit provides four vertical thrusters, 6 degree-of-freedom control, increased buoyancy, and external thruster guards.

Payload Skid removable with two (2) 4” domed enclosures.

Gripper: The Newton Subsea Gripper provides the BlueROV2 and other subsea vehicles with the ability to interact with the subsea environment to retrieve objects, attach recovery lines, or free a snagged tether.

Recent underwater video of the BlueROV2: []

$5,950 USD plus shipping

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@consultant Where are you located? Why are you selling it?

Paul, I am located in Carlsbad, CA. My client purchased the kit earlier this year and now he has asked me to sell it. The reason for selling it is unrelated to the operation or capability of the ROV2. If you have further interest please PM me or contact me through my website: []