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Blue2 ROV system for sale

(Todd Sparkes) #1

New, unused BlueROV2 with 4 lights, 140m tether, many spares and various enclosures if required. Shipped in a equipment hard cases. Video monitors and controllers available as well. Partially assembled or full assembly available. Please contact me for details.

(Niklas Ekström) #2

Hey, please contact me at info@dykcharter.se

Best regards / Niklas

(Grant Farrow) #3

Can you supply pictures of what comes with sale please?

(Terry J Parks) #4


(Todd Sparkes) #5

Anybody interested in the BR Blue 2 ROV system please contact me at mtoddsparkes@hotmail.com.
$3750 for ROV, 4 x lights and tether. $4000 including spares, $4500 including tether reel, skid and extra enclosures. $5000 including 2 batteries and charger system. (Everything I have for the system). I can include a wired controller, wireless controller and an 8" monitor. Prices are in Canadian dollars. Buyer pays shipping.

(Todd Sparkes) #6

The tether is currently not attached to ROV or surface controller. I do have connectors for both ends and slipring for tether spool.