Selling my BlueROV2 with 150 Meter Tether and Accessories

Hello, I’m selling my BlueROV2 but first, I usually investigate the forum advertising policy before posting and am thoroughly confused. We went ahead and posted because it makes sense, hoping it goes to someone who will use it for something interesting rather than an auction site where it gets used as a toy.

Selling one BlueROV2 with 150 and 25 meter tethers, tether spool, 18Ah lithium-ion battery, charger, Lumen 4-light package, Fathom X Tether interface and xBox controller.

Excellent condition and tested
Unit has less than 3 hours in the water
Includes new (unopened) ‘Heavy Configuration Retrofit Kit’ with new thrusters (a $790 value)
MSRP as of this posting is $7,810

Selling for $2,500

Located in Venice, CA (90291). Pickup ok or will ship UPS anywhere in continental US. I do not mark up shipping. You pay what I pay.

BlueROV2 is the world’s most affordable high-performance ROV. With a 6-thruster vectored configuration, open-source electronics and software, and plenty of expandability, it’s the perfect ROV for inspections, research, and adventuring.

BlueROV2, part# BLUEROV2-R1-RP
Heavy Configuration Retrofit Kit (new in unopened box), part# BROV2-HEAVY-RETROFIT-R1-RP
Lumen subsea lights (x4), part# LUMEN-QUAD-R2-RP
Battery 14.8V, 18Ah Lion, part# BATTERY-LI-4S-18AH-R3-RP
Battery Charger (North American Plug), part# BATTERY-CHARGER-0620AC-US-R1
Fathom X Tether interface FXTI qty 2 (one is new in box), part# FXTI-ASM-R1-RP
Fathom ROV Tether 150 meter (492 ft), part# FATHOM-TETHER-NB-4P-26AWG-150-R2
25 meter deck extension cable
Fathom Tether Spool, part# TMS-ASM-KIT-M-R1-RP
GoPro Mount, part# BROV2-P-GOPRO-MOUNT-R2-RP
Xbox controller
Box of miscellaneous spare parts, weights, cables and adapters

Hi Jennifer Hi I contacting you ? Is that possible to send to Singapore ? I will pay the shipment offcourse

My email address–>

Best Regards
LM Arwin
My email address

Hi Arwin, I sent you an email. Yes we have experience shipping large items internationally and can ship to Singapore.

I sent a message to your email but it bounced. Got another?

Hi Jennifer use

I am also interested.

But if the person has got there ahead of me.
I can wait for your message, if the sale does not go through.

You can reach me by my e-mail:

Mike Kennedy
Ottawa, Canada.

Thank you, it has sold. These little guys seem to have good resale value!