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BlueRov2 FOR SALE! (Full System, Assembled, Excellent Condition)

BlueRov2 system for sale. Fully assembled, tested, just over one year old, and in excellent condition. This BlueRov2 unit has 6-thrusters, Four (4) LED headlights, Newton sub-sea gripper (grabber arm), Two (2) lithium ion batteries (14.8 V, 18AH), lithium battery charger (300 Watt AC/DC), 150 meter fathom ROV Tether with Spool and 8m deck cable, a customized tether disconnect that enables the tether to be conveniently disconnected from the ROV for easy transport (connection has male and female end, in-line molded to tether - cost me $550 to install through BlueLink, LLC and is a very nice feature). This system also comes with the BlueROV 2 Spares Kit which includes an extra T200 Thruster), as well as an x-box controller for piloting the unit.

I purchased this system in June of last year for $6250, not counting shipping. Awesome system, works beautifully and I hate to let it go, but I must sell at this time as covid has impacted my small business. The system is clean, in great shape and I have only used less than a dozen times.

Price is $3900 for everything, a bargain for anyone looking to buy a BlueRov2 unit. Save yourself a bunch of money and receive a fully assembled unit that is clean, tested and ready to go. Additional shipping fee would apply, depending on your location (for shipping cost reference, shipping from Boston to California is roughly $250).

Serious inquiries may email pbfitness1@hotmail.com or call (not text) 508-564-1459. Pictures are available for serious inquiries (serious inquiries only please).