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BlueROV2 Heavy For Sale

Like new, only used in a test tank, but that will probably change within the next week or so, since I’d like to take it out to make sure it’s all working nicely for the new owner. Should be everything you need, save for a laptop. Asking $4000. Located in Northern California.

  • Fathom Spool w/200m Fathom Slim Tether
  • Heavy 8-Thruster Upgrade
  • 1ea OEM Battery +2ea DIY Batteries
  • SkyRC iMax B6AC Charger
  • 4 Lumens
  • Newton Gripper
  • Aluminum Electronics Tube
  • Aluminum Battery Tube
  • Peek Bar100 Depth Sensor
  • RMG 2-pin Tether Quick Disconnect
  • Just updated companion to 0.0.28 and ArduSub to 4.0.3

Some optional accessories below, will offer good deals if purchased with the ROV…

why are you selling?

Short answer is that it doesn’t get used.

Longer answer is that my first exposure to BR is when I got sucked into doing some work for a company making third party accessories and I come from a subsea background, so I found it all pretty exciting. Work ended up going another direction and so did my interests.

Доброго дня.
Можно фотографии твоего комплекта увидеть?

Sure thing! I’ve updated the original post with photos.

Hey I’m located in Monterey Bay. Would love to take this off your hands. Please e-mail me at conraddmb118@gmail.com thanks!

how can i buy this ?