Sell me your BlueRov2

Hi ,

I’m Davide from Italy ,

I am actively looking for an used Bluerov2 for sale .

If you are interested , feel free to contact me .

Thank you

Hi, are you still looking for BR2?

I am

Hi, what about your blue rov? where are you from? Which setting it has?

I’m looking for one


This thread might be a bit old but wanted to shout out that we have a Bluerov sitting on a shelf waiting for someone to take it for a swim. The bouyancy foam covers are painted to marine yellow for better visibility.
It’s a classic 6 thruster conf bluerov running on raspberry 3 + pixhawk. It also has 4 lights.
Addons are: on/off switch for 5V electronics and removable 100m tether on a spool. For this we used 8-pin cobalt connector.
The robot is located in EU (Estonia) and depending on shipping location and method, we could also include the battery.

I’m interested, is it still sitting on the shelf?

As of now, yep. Still on a shelf

Thats cool. Is there a way of direct messaging on this platform, so we can talk directly?

You can find me on Linkedin, we can continue there

I have, thank you.

Hi @UXOEOD, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

If you click on someone’s username there should be a “Message” button that pops up.