Hello light and moving in whater

Hello my camera tilt angle does not show inn the side menu only shows 0 Deg. And i wonder is it nott possible to move the bluerov side ways only on the stick ore cold i have made somting wrong inn the setup ?

Regards Frank

You will probably need to update the firmware on the autopilot to see the camera angle. Connect the rov to your computer and go to in a web browser.

Connect the rov to the internet them click the system button at the top. On the system page, click the stable button in the pixhawk firmware section.

Do forward and yaw work correctly? Make sure you do the configure motor directions step in our setup document.

Hello yess only problem is side ways yaw and back and forward is perfect motor setup is ok .

Regards Frank

Can you draw me a picture that shows which direction each motor spins when you try to go sideways? Can you please verify the motor setup on each motor?