Artificiall horizon/ Accelerometer-Compass issues

Hi Guys

Tried to search for an answer to this issue, but havent found anything that anserwed my question however sorry for multiple posts if I have missed anything. I boght the BlueROV2 for our lab at the University as it seemed like a proper tool for research regarding fishing gear developent.

However assembled it and re-callibrated the artificial horizon show on 90* wrong angle as it would thing the ROV would stand on its left side. I have again tried to re-callibrate the ROV without any succes. Manual fligt mode works like a charm but as I try depth hold mode and stabilization mode the ROV start spinning lika a propeller sort of. Also the Pixhawk is in the upright position as it is supposed. So, does anyone have a suggestion how to solve this issue?

Peter Ljungberg
Swedish University of Agrucultural Scienses, Aquatic Resources

Just after clicking calibrate accelerometer, there is an option to select the orientation of the board inside the vehicle. Please make sure you have selected ‘Roll 90’.


Ok, now I feel like the complete noob. Using a touch screen outdoor computer without any mouse or physical keybaord together with the ROV, so I couldnt see/access that menu alternative before. However now the problem is solved and I will go out and start using it in our research, thanks a lot Jacob, much easier when you know ehat you are looking for.