Camera tilt gyro


Just compleated the build of our 3’d Bluerov 2, but i cannot get the camera tilt to compensate up and down when the rov tilts.

I can’t the find way to turn this function ON, and need some help?

You will need to enable the ‘Show advanced settings’ option from the general settings menu (click the purple ‘Q’ icon). Then the camera stabilization options will be visible on the camera settings page.


Thanks, i’ll try this first thing in the morning :slight_smile:

Stian, thats a large bottle you have there, and the frame looks tall. is it a BR bottle also? What frame is it ? Much taller then mine.


The frame is custume made localy. Lagre bottle has Bluerobotics end caps but the tube i localy made.

We are feeding the ROV whit 240volt AC thru the standard teader
we have installed 2 gel motorcycle batteries and a 10amp car batteri charger.

The setup alows us to use the ROV for about 30-60min on only batteris and its just to plug it in to continue too fly.


can you give me complete details about how you feeding 240 volts AC to standard tether
if possible provide me photos also.


What is the depth rating of the bottle? is it compensated?

Hi Øystein

The bottle is not pressure compansated.
it has been tested to 400meter.

Are these bottles (the tube) available for sale ? is it same the material as the the endcaps ?

You are welcome to get a qoute. please send me a email