Low-Light Camera Focus

I just got one of your low light cameras. The view is really blurry. Is there a way to adjust the focus? It looks like the camera lens is secured with thread lock or some other glue.

Hi Ben,

Are you referring to our low light HD USB digital camera or our low light analog camera? Either way, the focus is adjustable by loosening the sideways screw near the base of the lens mount and twisting the lens in either direction. There should be no glue or thread lock.


It’s the USB camera. There is some sort of gunk on the thread. Even with the set screw loose, the lens doesn’t turn.


Here’s another pic. Is the piece I’ve removed supposed to be glued on? It came off relatively easily, but trying to turn the lens feels like I’ll break something first.



That doesn’t look right at all! Send us an email at support@bluerobotics.com and we’ll get this sorted.


What distance do you adjust the focus point to? I tryed 3*radius of the dome app 15 cm from the dome - is this wrong?

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Hi Mikxie,

We focus the camera in air to about 50cm or so, we find that this gives the ideal focus in water at the distance we normally observe. We find that there is a specific “sweet spot” which gives good focus close up and further away, we focus the cameras to this by default. Generally, there is no right or wrong focus- it just depends on your personal preference and how closely you’re going to be looking at things.


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We had to adjust the focus on our camera out of the box also. Just had to tear it all apart, back off the set screw and turn the lens a bit. The camera mount cover makes it difficult to twist the lens and re-tighten the set screw, but once its set we hope we dont have to mess with it again.

Hi everyone,

We have a sonar in front of our ROV so our front camera sees the sonar most of the time. Therefore, the background view is blurred.

Can we change where the camera will focus?


Hi @ugurdemirezen,

Our Low-light HD USB Camera has a fixed focus. As above,