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1080P/50fps and 4K/25fps external camera- Direct BR2 connection

Hi all,
Here is our new mini inspection camera, designed to be installed on existing infrastructure like ROVs, tow cameras, dredgers etc.

Mount v55_50

Importantly for the Blue Robotics community, the units have a built-in Fathom/homeplug board, which means you can directly connect them to your comms tether, with no network switch required. Simply supply 10-24V power, and then connect the 2 comms cables to your existing Fathom board. Change the QGround Control camera to the RTSP URL, and the feed will be displayed as your primary camera.

Other features:
-1080 (50FPS) or 4K (25FPS) resolution models available
-low light IMX291 and IMX226 sensors
-300m depth rated anodized housing (65mm diameter, 160mm long)
-fitted with a BlueTrail Engineering or micro circular style connector
-wide angle (~100 degrees) fixed focus lens, or 2.8-12mm power zoom/focus lens
-optional bracket allows multiple mounting orientations, as well as the mounting of lights (eg Blue Robotics Lumens) or laser scalers
-available ‘naked’ or with a Spot X cable assembly

Get in touch if you’d like more info!

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Look awesome Marcus!

Love the idea of set mounting positions for laser scalers. Do you have any pictures of how they’d look mounted, along with example images from the camera with lasers on? From past experience one of the main difficulties with laser scaling is getting the lasers aligned, which a rigid and CAD-defined frame can definitely help with. Out of interest, is the intention for the lasers to be wired in to something like a Pixhawk or the BR companion computer, or how are you thinking they’ll be controlled (or will they just be manually switched on/off at the surface)?

I had a look on your store and the product is currently listed as $0.00 - is that so the page is available while you gauge purchase interest?

It may be helpful to provide a 3D model and/or some 2D drawings of the camera cylinder and the mount on the “Resources” tab of the product page, so people can make their own designs around it, or at least load it into their existing designs to get a better sense of scale/fit :slight_smile:

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Thank Eliot. The lasers scalers are the tubes mounted underneath the Lumens in the image above. Working to get some underwater imagery uploaded in the next week or so. The lasers could be setup to be triggered remotely, though at this stage they are just an on/off switch at the surface.

No price on the website yet, as we are offering a number of options (1080/4k/ zoom lens etc) and we have to finalise those options. Cameras are available now though. Good tip regarding having the 3D model available, we’ll get that uploaded soon.



Looks pretty cool. Just sent you an email with questions on possible configuration and cost. Thanks.

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