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Hey Everyone,
I was hoping to find someone that can help build a custom ROV that goes more vertical than horizontal. Not sure if this is the forum or not so i apologize ahead of time. Seen some of the things y’all have been working on and it’s brilliant.


Have you thought about just building a standard BlueROV2 Heavy, but use T500 thrusters for the vertical thrusters?

The body shape would need that design too. Looking to go 1.5 to 2 m(top speed) per second vertical and a really good camera. Can be stabilized with a back line. 150m depth rating.

So i just looked at the specs for it. Get the heavy build add on and aluminum instead of acrylic. Add the extra lights and if need re attach the thruster even more?

Hi @JohnnyVicari, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Most of us likely can’t help with the actual building of it, but you’re definitely welcome to discuss design and implementation ideas here, and get feedback on your thoughts and plans :slight_smile:

BlueROV2 Suitability

While the BlueROV2 is designed to be quite versatile and modifiable, it’s likely worth you providing a bit more information about what you’re trying to achieve so we can help determine whether it’s a good fit, or whether you’d be better off designing a more custom frame.

Design Considerations (Camera and Frame)

Moving fast is primarily dependent on weight, drag, and thrust, with operation time and cost requirements providing some extra constraints (particularly on power supplies and efficiency). Given you mentioned the camera being important, presumably this is a form of inspection vehicle. Is the idea for the camera to point

  1. in the direction of motion
    • up or down when the vehicle is moving vertically, and forwards when the vehicle is moving horizontally
  2. orthogonal to the motion direction
    • e.g. the main cameras on a vehicle like the Blue Atlas Robotics’ Sentinus
  3. some combination of the two?
    • using a movable camera or omni-directional vehicle (both of which are available in the BlueROV2), and/or multiple cameras pointing in different directions

For motion control, you mentioned “more vertical than horizontal”. Are both required simultaneously (in which case an omni-directional vehicle that’s biased towards vertical motion may work well), or do you only need one at a time (in which case a vehicle with strong forwards motion and the ability to rotate may be preferable)?

It may be worth looking through some of the posts with the #vehicle-design tag for some additional inspiration :slight_smile:

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Thank you and appreciate the help from everyone! Yes this body style looks more appropriate and amazing lighting. Need the deeper depth rating and speed so this can be modified? The use can be discussed in private chats(email) since it’s a slightly confidential but will be a one of a kind. Unfortunately my some ideas were recently stolen I mean no disrespect of not full disclosure yet.
But the ROVs use will be (vertical) up and down locked on a target. Horizontal will only be used for stabilize and can be supported with a lead line to help with current. Can have 2 different power sources. 1080 camera can work for now(or multiple) but 4k would be ideal later. 150m depth

It’s just a vehicle I’m aware exists - Blue Atlas have designed it by themselves, and don’t seem to have shared the designs for it openly, so you could make your own design using some of the elements of their design to influence yours, but to ‘modify’ their design you would need to first fully reproduce it yourself.

The depth rating is determined by the components you use (enclosures will likely be the most relevant), and as above the speed

That may be somewhat challenging and/or expensive for you to implement. Depends how much you’re wanting to do yourself, and whether your budget is pre-defined or if the features you want are being used to drive the eventual product cost.

Our Low Light HD USB Camera is 1080p, but we’re also currently evaluating some different 4k options. There are also some potentially relevant options linked here.

If it’s relevant you’re welcome to share additional information in private (via direct messages in the forum by clicking someone’s username, or via email), but the tradeoff to doing so is losing access to the eyes and voices of the general community, who may otherwise have helpful suggestions.

Up to you how you choose to continue discussions (and it’s of course possible to have multiple discussions ongoing in different places).