Homebuild ROV from Germany

Hi, everybody I´m Max from Germany. I would like to show you my ROV Project.
I started this project 3 years ago but at this time i was unable to find some reliable and affordable thruster.So I stopped working on it.
Its a custombuild frame with Bluerobotics thruster. The diving depth is arround 1000m Seawater.

Greetings Max


Nice looking build. Are you mounting the BR lights in the alloy tubes, so you can get around their 300m depth rating ?
Heck of a long cable will be needed n immense pressure to contend with.
Hope to see some deep dive footage when you get it all sorted

How deep have you actually had the unit? You are saying its’ diving depth is 1000 meters … just curious.

@kaos the BR lights are mounted only for testing
There is one of my own lights in front of the frame
@hscadden it hasn’t been in the water yet
But the enclosure and the battery tubes has been tested under pressure at 150 bar.

Not sure what the depth rating for the thrusters are but if you can get it down to a thousand meters, then it would be a stand up day for Blue Robotics. A kickstarter project at 1000m, AWESOME

The thrusters have been tested to 3000m, so @S4ndm4nn should be good. The BR pressure sensor is only rated to 300m though: Pressure Testing to 3000m Depth - Blue Robotics

I’m looking forward to camera footage from 1000m too! There are only a handful of vehicles that can even go that deep and only one I know of that is DIY, but that’s a sled and has no propulsion power.