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Filming deep soft bottom Corals Sweden

(Bo Koppel) #1

(Rusty) #2

Bo, very nice! Do you have the ROV negatively buoyant? It looks like it’s sitting incredibly still at the bottom and there’s a decent current going by.

(Bo Koppel) #3

Thanks Rusty!
In these projects I have the ROV slightly positive.
To sit still I thrust deeper (water going upward), that clear mud silting mistakes as well.
When to raise from bottom I just stop thrusting to take off slowly.
Then I do not create a mud bomp that normal thrusting would make…


Hi Bo,
Is this work or pleasure?

Nice images :slight_smile:

(undersearobotics.com) #5


(Bo Koppel) #6

I´m doing technical solutions for marine biology surveys etc as a freelancer.
In this case it´s pilot work for Swedish and Norwegian projects.
Read more and reach me: www.bokomedia.se


I already visited your website, just curious about this posting, since I did a similar job on the Danish side…

(Heinz) #8

Looks great!