Filming deep soft bottom Corals Sweden

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Bo, very nice! Do you have the ROV negatively buoyant? It looks like it’s sitting incredibly still at the bottom and there’s a decent current going by.

Thanks Rusty!
In these projects I have the ROV slightly positive.
To sit still I thrust deeper (water going upward), that clear mud silting mistakes as well.
When to raise from bottom I just stop thrusting to take off slowly.
Then I do not create a mud bomp that normal thrusting would make…

Hi Bo,
Is this work or pleasure?

Nice images :slight_smile:


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I´m doing technical solutions for marine biology surveys etc as a freelancer.
In this case it´s pilot work for Swedish and Norwegian projects.
Read more and reach me:

I already visited your website, just curious about this posting, since I did a similar job on the Danish side…

Looks great!

you indicate that your BlueROV can go 400 m of depth ? how is it possible ?
Also, would you please share your experience about marine biology surveys : what can of job are you asked to do ? would you tell us how much would you charge approximately for this service ?

Hi Guido!
Depth limit is several parts:
Tubes for Electronics has to be aluminium instead of standard plexiglass.
Tether drag is important reaching +100 meters, You have to use poor mans TMS solution; way of taking the ROV down by weight system, so the ROV does not have to pull the long teather itself.
BlueROV opens for cheaper ways of doing more jobs regarding photo/video documentation, sensors and positioning.
Budgetwise I charge from what our job gains for the customer; so very different depending on demands and what is the competition for that specific task.
To make a very rough net estimate I use 500 Euro base:
ROV/day 500€
One person/day 500€
Small boat/day 500€


Hi Bo !
thanks a lot for your feedback. Did you really get your BlueROV to 400m with an aluminium tube ? Do you use the Fanthom slim tether ? which modification did you make to your bluerov ? does the Bluerobotics thrusters, lights and spheric dome can stand that pressure ?

I have been working to 150m at most so far with standard config, 4 pair tether.
You can read about BlueRobotics test here: Configuration / lessons learned from deep dives?