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Max depth

(John Griffiths) #1


I have a potential client thas has job for my BR2 if I can operate it at 160 metres. That depth exceeds the tested depths on quite a few of the components on the ROV. I would be very interested to hear what the max depth anybody has taken the BR2 and what, if anything, gave out in the process?


(Adam) #2

Hi John,

That’s starting to get pretty deep! We have the BlueROV2 rated for 100m, which we feel is the maximum safe depth we are confident in and have repeatedly tested at. That being said, it is a pretty conservative number, and we have had one down to 135m for a short time without any problems. The lights, penetrators, thrusters, dome, buoyancy foam, and 3" enclosure should all be fine to even deeper, but we have not yet tested them extensively beyond 100m. The first thing to fail on the BlueROV2 will be the 4" enclosure, which is why we are working on an aluminum 4" tube that will hopefully allow us to upgrade the rating to 250m without changing anything else. This will likely be on sale in the next few months. Until then, going beyond 100m with a BlueROV2 is an at your own risk venture which we do not recommend and have only tried once, beyond 135m is completely unknown to us.


(ooyama) #3

@Adam How is the current down there? I can’t go 30m deep dive site because there always strong currents.When divers need to kick hard, rov gain 100% won’t work…

(Adam) #4


The current is heavily dependent on your location, the weather, season, time, etc. We have had the BlueROV2 in currents up to 2 knots, and were able to hold position at 100% gain. There wasn’t a very strong current in that particular location at that particular time, and we had no problems flying.



I had my BlueROV2 at 99.9 meters, I find this number a little odd, are we sure that the display will show more than 99.9 with the current software?

(Adam) #6

Hi Mixkie,

We’ve had the BlueROV2 down below 330m with no pressure display issues. Unless there was a bug introduced in the newest version of ArduSub/QGC, the 99.9m you saw should be accurate.



Well the depth was matching the sounder on the boat - what are the odds :slight_smile:

We need a longer tether and some calm weather in the North sea, to see if the display will show 100+


No problem with the display, this is deeper! 201 m in Denmark

(Bo Koppel) #9

Another in for the max display competition.
Calibration error, not actual dive depth :wink:
So, displaying great depth works.


The viz in Sweden is amazing, and reaching that depth in less than 2 minutes is incredible :slight_smile:

What is the device in the picture?

(Bo Koppel) #11

Yepp, specially since our max seabed way North Skagen is 550m :wink:
Object is toolholder for hooks, tools etc:


Nice clamp.

Yes, my dive to 200 m, was north of Skagen.

Btw, I like your seal movie :slight_smile:

(Bo Koppel) #13

How du You reach 200m, Your nice picture seems from rather stable position?

I have 100m tether for the BR2 right now.
Using weight as below, I reach close to 80m offshore when currents is below 0,5 knots.


For the deep dive we used a heavy weight (40 kg) on a hydraulic winch, tied app 25 m from the ROV. The ROV tether from weight to surface was hand operated. Unfortunately the cables had a tendency to twist around each other, restricting the movement of the ROV. Dives to app 110 m was done with another winch with a coax in steel wire tied to a 20 kg weight and 25 m BR tether. Unfortunately the coax was “only” 150 m long. The ship was in DP

BTW, I used 160 m of VideoRay tether connected to 110 m BR tether to reach 200 meters.

(Frank Bergsvåg) #15

hey did you have your
bluerov2 down to 200 meters =? :wink:


Yes :slight_smile:

(Mark Slayton) #17

I just ordered the BlueROV2 with the Heavy modification. Is the 4" aluminum tube the only thing required to increase the max depth to 400m?

(k.deboer) #18

You will need to upgrade the 3" battery enclosure as well.

(Jacob) #19

There are other things that need to be upgraded like the buoyancy foam. You can check with @Jonathan, and contact support@bluerobotics for more information.