Question about the Camera

I would like to ask if the camera can be replaced with a 4K camera? Is there a recommended 4K camera?

Hi @Kingzeon,

At this stage we have no official recommendations, but I’ve compiled a list of camera alternatives / improvement options that have been discussed on the forum in this comment, which may be of interest. Note that “an option has been discussed” does not necessarily mean it has been confirmed to work, or work well, and integration may not be trivial.

Also be aware that if you’re wanting to have a live 4K stream you may run into bandwidth issues. Depending on your requirements, it may be possible to have a lower resolution ‘preview’ stream to the topside, while recording the full resolution footage on the camera / in the vehicle and retrieving the footage afterwards. You may alternatively want (or need) to use a fibre optic tether, if the existing tether+Fathom-X combination has insufficient bandwidth, and it may be relevant to consider an IP camera via an Ethernet Switch as an alternative to a USB camera, depending on what’s available that meets your needs.

We are currently looking into some 4K camera options, and the relevant software considerations around supporting that, but as I understand it that’s an active investigation without an obvious best option.


Hi Eliot,
Thanks for your comment.
I wanted to ask about your phrase “while recording the full resolution footage on the camera / in the vehicle and retrieving the footage afterwards.”
Using the standard camera configuration (hardware and software) it is possible to save the videos in the maximum resolution on the companion computer and then download them??, or we only have the recording of the streaming in the surface station???
Thank you very much for the help.

Hi @pmn,

At this stage there is no recording functionality built into the onboard computer software (on either BlueOS or the old Companion software), so onboard recording would need to be done either on the camera itself (since some cameras support recording), or via a custom software change. Recording in the default setup is currently only available by recording the stream that’s received at the topside.

Thanks for the reply!!

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