Turning BlueROV2 into Autonomous one

Hi all,
I am from India. Currently, we are operating BlueROV2 in XBOX controller. We want to operate it autonomously, like locomotion of bot in given waypoints avoiding the obstacles. So, please give me a step by step procedure to configure my vehicle into autonomous one.

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Hi @AKJ, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

If your vehicle has a position estimate (e.g. from a positioning sensor) then it’s capable of autonomously performing waypoint-based missions, which can be set up using QGroundControl.

ArduPilot autopilot firmwares have some obstacle avoidance functionalities built in, although I don’t believe they’re fully supported in ArduSub yet, and you would need some kind of sensor or system for obstacle detection and distance estimation to enable the autopilot to know where the obstacles are that it’s trying to avoid.

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