QGC Compass issues

Hi Guys
The issue I have is calibrating the Compass, the result always is Calibration Failed. See the picture here:


Is your Pixhawk correctly configured to Roll90 (or whatever the orientation)? It happened to me once when I forgot to set it up.

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Hi @suitangxiaoyi,

As @VMartini mentioned, one of the things that can cause compass calibration to fail is to incorrectly specify the autopilot orientation for the calibration. Attempting to calibrate near a large magnetic object (e.g. on a metal table, near high voltage wiring, or in a steel building) can also cause calibration issues.

If that is not the cause then your compass may be faulty, in which case I would recommend contacting support@bluerobotics.com to describe the problem, what you’ve tried, and your order number (/rough order date), after which the issue can be resolved as appropriate :slight_smile:

Yes. But it still work bad

I have new BR2 w/ Navigator and Blue OS. I have just done initial sensor calibrations and the following shows best I can get. I did inside my building then outside with clear path to North and results are same for both compasses.

Never get acceptable calibration on 2nd compass.

Hi @dtrail,

I’m told this can happen if the calibration is done without very significant rotations. If you don’t think that’s likely it would be useful if you can provide

  1. A dataflash (.bin) log (via the BlueOS Log Viewer), wherein you arm the vehicle, and rotate it around a bit about all three axes
  2. Your (rough) location in the world

so we can check if the heading estimate is tracking well against the compass and gyroscope readings, and try to run an external calibration.