QGC Compass issues

Hi Guys
The issue I have is calibrating the Compass, the result always is Calibration Failed. See the picture here:


Is your Pixhawk correctly configured to Roll90 (or whatever the orientation)? It happened to me once when I forgot to set it up.

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Hi @suitangxiaoyi,

As @VMartini mentioned, one of the things that can cause compass calibration to fail is to incorrectly specify the autopilot orientation for the calibration. Attempting to calibrate near a large magnetic object (e.g. on a metal table, near high voltage wiring, or in a steel building) can also cause calibration issues.

If that is not the cause then your compass may be faulty, in which case I would recommend contacting support@bluerobotics.com to describe the problem, what you’ve tried, and your order number (/rough order date), after which the issue can be resolved as appropriate :slight_smile:

Yes. But it still work bad