Compass calibration issue with Navigator Companion

Hello there,

I’ve been experiencing issue with a calibration compass using navigator companion.
I have tested different setup with different compasses externally connected (such as here+ gps with 3 axis mag built in)

My setup
navigator is located upside down and rotated to yaw 270 (or 90degree counter clockwise) so I selected AHRS ORIENT = Roll180Yaw270.
Jetson Orin connected to switch ethernet which connected in one network with raspberry pi 4 with blues on board and external DVLA50 on the same network with enable docker (according to the integration DVLA50 with bluerov). Mag declination is 4.
Here+ gps connected with serial1 port with tx,rx,gnd,vcc and i2c cable to i2c6 port (so it can be seen as external compasses in calibration page)

Here is the problem:
Accelerometer calibration is ok,
Compass calibration (with default AK09916 I2C6) progress bar goes by itself to about 35-34% without even moving the ROV itself which is weird and strange. Also it’s a strange but I thought that default mag0 supposed to be in SPI bus, but it showing I2C6. (might be an issue?, perhaps)

Compass calibration (with here+ compass HMC5883 I2C6) goes to the 100% every time but with error that calibration quality is below threshold. I tried compass fitness to relaxed but it doesn’t help.

All rotation done by rotation in each axis.

I am kind stuck, and I don’t want to return back to pixhawk confirmation which will require a lot of rewiring and re mounting stuff.
Am I supposed to think that my navigator companion is not working well?

here are the logs logs - Google Drive

Here is the screenshot from the QGrouncontrol

Hi @nurjan14,

Where did you do the calibration? If possible it’s best to do away from strong magnetic forces and large metal structures.

Hi @EliotBR nevermind I just replaced the rpi4 to another rpi4 and it works.

That’s weird, but good to know, and glad you managed to resolve your issue :slight_smile:

Do you know if there was a particular difference between the boards (e.g. perhaps they had different processors or RAM amounts)?

Well I found that the 1st rpi4 get more hotter with the same heatsink from navigator board, but they were identicall in term of cpu and ram, I believe it is 8gb