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Compass calibration problems?



sorry, in my original topic i do not categorize it , so i post it again in bluerov2 and ardusub, this problem as below:

i have installed ardusub on px4, during my first start, the qground let me to calibrate compass sensor, i following the instruction to rotate the rov at random direction, but it come out tether information and the compass calibrate stop and process bar does not going on , i do not know what’s matter with this, anybody can give some advice will be apprecicated, thanks a lot.


thanks i have solved the problem

(Jacob) #3

@sunnyroover Can you let us know how you fixed it?

The autopilot really wants to be moved a lot for this process, so it may have just been a matter of moving the ROV around for a longer period of time, and getting a larger variety of orientations for the calibration.



@jwalser, hi jacob i just try more times and it passed, sometime the qgroundcontrol will frozen.