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Accelerometer calibration problem

(Olaya) #1

Hello there!

I’m getting my BlueROV2 ready to work, for which I’ve followed all the steps in the “Software Setup” entry. Everything looks fine, but I’m encountering problems with the Sensor Calibration.

I follow the Accelerometer calibration instructions as indicated by QGroundControl, and once completed, no error message appears, and the QGround console indicates that the calibration has been successful. However, when I click “ok”, it seems like the calibration hasn’t been saved: the accelerometer keeps appearing in red, and it doesn’t allow me to calibrate the compass because “accelerometer must be calibrated prior to compass”.

Is this an error or am I missing something?

Below I’m attaching a picture of the message which appear in my QGround window and console.


Xbox controlled not mapped by QGroundControl
(Jacob) #2

Interesting… it doesn’t look like anything has gone wrong.

Can you click the box that says ‘show values’ after the calibration and show us what the values are? Also, after performing the accel cal, close QGC and open it again and let me know if the acceleration tab is still red at that point.


(Olaya) #3

Hello Jacob,

Thank you for your interest. The problem was solved by updating the QGroundControl App, as I was using an older version than that available on the software setup guide.

Thank you!

(Jacob) #4

Interesting, good to know. Thanks!