Parameters are missing from firmware

Hello everyone,

I am trying to calibrate my BlueROV2 and when I do the calibration of the accelerometer I have this warning that appear :
“Parameters are missing from firmware. You may be running a version of firmware wich is not fully supported or your firmware has a bug in it. Missing params : 1:FLTMODE6, 1:FLTMODE5, 1:FLTMODE4, 1:FLTMODE3, 1:FLTMODE2, 1:FLTMODE1”

I don’t know what am I suppose to do to solve this problem. Someone can help me on this ?

I have also a problem when I calibrate the joysticks of my controller. QGoundcontrol tells me that I am no longer in the manual mode. I continue to do the calibration and it seems to work. I don’t understand this message too if someone has an answer I am also interested.

Thanks in advance.

I had the same “parameters are missing from firmware” message, with the same list of missing parameters, when updating an old BlueROV2 (I think an R2, with a Pixhawk). And accelerometer calibration failed every time. For me, it was solved by updating the Ardusub firmware to the version at:

which is linked from

I can’t connect the BlueROV to my work wifi, so I downloaded the firmware file, went to Firmware at blueos.local, and chose Upload Custom File.

This is actually not the latest version, but I think it’s working for me. After rebooting, accelerometer calibration seemed to be fine.

Hi @JeromeBIOMAR, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

I’m a bit late to the party here, but this kind of warning is generally caused by your QGroundControl and ArduSub versions not being fully compatible. Are you using our latest recommended versions?