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Parameters from firmware are missing

Hi there,
When I try to arm the thrusters, I can’t.
" Parameters from firmware are missing. You may have a software version that the QGC is not working properly, or there is a bug in the product. Missing parameter: 1%"
This notification comes up after I calibrate the accelerometer. I also have an " EKF ımu1 forced reset" notification. How can I solve this problem?

Hi Sueda, welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:

This sounds like there might be an issue with how you’ve set up your software. Did you get QGroundControl from the Blue Robotics software setup tutorial? If not, I’d suggest you remove QGC and follow that tutorial to set up the system as expected by the BlueROV2, unless you’re doing something custom which requires a different process, in which case you’ll need to specify what you’re doing different.

I’m unsure if this is related to your QGroundControl version or perhaps an issue with ArduSub. I’d suggest you go to the companion web interface and see if there are any updates available for both your ArduSub and your companion computer.

If those steps don’t solve the problem then it would be great if you could specify the following

  1. your computer operating system (e.g. Windows 10, macOS Big Sur, etc)
  2. the QGC version you’re on (Blue Robotics recommends 4.0.5 at this point)
  3. the version of companion computer you’re running (latest recommended is 0.0.26)
  4. the version of ArduSub you’re running (latest recommended is 4.0.2)
  5. whether you’re using a standard or heavy BlueROV2, or something else

so we can try to provide some more in-depth support to find and fix the issue you’re having :slight_smile: