Video recording not working


I am having some trouble making the video work for BlueROV2. I followed the previous threads (Parameters from firmware are missing) and (Troubleshooting · GitBook) but I am unable to resolve the issue. Could it be related to the missing parameters warning as shown in the picture?

Thank you!

Hi @stephenmcgovarin, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Video functionality is unrelated to the autopilot telemetry and parameters - it’s handled by the onboard/Companion computer. Which versions of QGroundControl and Companion/BlueOS are you using? :slight_smile:

If you’re using Companion (the default, unless you’ve changed it yourself) then can you confirm that the camera appears in the Detected Devices on the System page of the web interface?

If you’re using BlueOS, we found an issue earlier today when using BlueOS with QGroundControl 4.1.6 which should be fixed soon.

Hi Eliot,

Thank you for your response and for welcoming me to the forum! I was able to see a previous thread that you resolved. I had installed the QGC 4.1 which apparently doesn’t allow the camera to work on macs. I downloaded a previous version (4.0) and the camera is now working!!

Thank you!

Mac video support was added in QGC 4.1.6, which is our latest recommended version (for all operating systems). 4.1.6 seems to have an issue specifically with video recording when used with BlueOS, which as per my previous comment

If you’re having an issue with video display (or just recording if you’re on Companion) in QGC v4.1.6, when 4.0 is working, then that’s something we’d like to hear more about because it shouldn’t be the case.

It’s at least good that you’ve got a workaround available for your issue(s) for now :slight_smile: