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No Video in QGC

(Bo Vikarby) #1

I am setting up my BlueRov2 that i received some days ago. Everything seems to work except for the camera.
When I power up the BlueRov2 by connecting its battery after a couple of seconds the video from the camera is there for 1s and then the screen turns white with message Waiting for video. Sometimes the screen turns all green instead of waiting for video.
Please advise

(Jacob) #2

Hi Bo, this sounds like a bandwidth problem. Please try the troubleshooting tips here, and take notes of your results.

If you continue to have trouble please contact support@bluerobotics.com with the results of your tests.

(Bo Vikarby) #3

Hi Jacob
Problem solved .
I upgraded my topside computer to W10

// Bo

(Jacob) #4