Video on QGC is not stable


I have this problem with the bluROV2 version R4 i follow the instruction for connect the bluerov to the PC, evrything works fine but the only problem is the video. I can see the video in Qgroundcontrol but afther every 4/5 secons appear the write “waiting for video” and if i’am recording the video stops.

Can someone help me?

How is the network speed test what speed and latency are you seeing? Are you getting loss of manual control or contention lost in QGC?

Hi @nfored,
It was not a problem of network speed and i don’t lose the control or the connection in QGC.
I contacted the assistance and they told me that is a problem of the camera and they are investigating, meanwhile i resolve the issue just downscaling the resolution of the camera from 1920x1080 to lower resolution.
Thanks for the help.