No NTRIP correction with QGC/Mavproxy

Hello there,

I have bluerov with gps antenna fixed on the 70sm mast above the ROV.
I’ve been trying to manage to get work a RTK GPS with NTRIP correction, using a Ublox Here+ GPS RTK with latest firmware 3.05 HPG 143 on HeavyBlueROV configuration running on the navigator + latest blueos and ardusub.
I got one NTRIP caster which capable send a Network rtk correction data within 5km range from my site and it is working fine on Mission Planner and I can get a RTK Fixed with a 1-2cm Horintal Accuracy on MP.

The problem is the MP doesn’t fully support operations for bluerov as QGC.
I was trying to find answers through the ublox/ardupilot/bluerobotics forums no luck.
I followed this guide and this also this and simply search tools. Come across to the point where ntrip status command on mavproxy shows NO DATA, but the same ntrip settings working fine on Mission Planner.
Any thoughts, alternative utilities I can use to provide correction to ArduSub?