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GPS_TYPE autopilot parameter


I am trying to build a remotely operated vessel that will include a GPS. I have been following advice on these posts:

Some of them use the recommended GPS by the Ardupilot website. However I was not able to purchase any of them, due to lack of stock or because they were discontinued. I got this one from RadioLink, but I do not know which value should I assign to the GPS_TYPE variable. I tried the uBlox option (variable value = 2) and it seems to be working (it shows the position in Qgroundcontrol) but I do not know if this is the best option. Is there any difference between these variables other than the name or a more detailed description of them ?

Also I would like to use the GPS data to position the vessel. I have read the GPS positioning section of Ardusub and I am a bit lost here, because I do not know how to forward the NMEA data from my GPS connected to the Pixhawk to the companion computer.

I also have a BU-353S4 USB GPS that someone also recommended but I have not tested it yet, so if anyone have any advice on how to use this as a GPS for a surface vehicle based in ArduSub I wil appreciate it.

Finally, is there a way to display the coordinates in the latest version of Qgroundcontrol? I just see the compass and the gyroscope, but no coordinates.

Thank you in advance

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Hi @Alex_UJI1 ,

If the GPS works, it was correctly identified as a UBLOX and you should be fine.

For positioning of the vehicle itself, out of the water. the M8N receiver in the SE100 is probably the best (easy/cheap/precise enough) option right now. The USB one could be used to show the position of the ground station if plugged to QGC, or even plugged to the companion, but I personally think the M8N is a lot cleaner to integrated.

The telemetry widget has changed. you can now add multiple rows, columns, and even icons/color-coded conditions in there.

Here is how you get lat/lon in there: