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Very remotely controlled!

(Marcus) #1

Hi all, Long shot here. Has anyone experimented, or had success with, a “remotely” controlled ROV, as in forwarding the connection to access over the internet for someone not on-site? Lag etc considered, full, fine scale control may not be necessary, but simple ahead/astern and camera view would be good.

Over-internet BlueROV control
Control ROV via internet
Video onto Skype
(Jacob) #2

No one that I’m aware of has tried it, but there should not be much to it. It will consist of opening some ports on your router and changing the target ips for the telemetry and video streams.

I will try to do a test and provide a small writeup soon.

(Marcus) #3

thanks Jacob. The client already has survey equipment is place, streaming data over a 4G cellular network router with port forwarding etc. At the moment it’s a bit pie in the sky, and just looking at options, but if it is a possibility, that’s great!

(Joe) #4

Our MATE robotics team implemented internet control this year because our programmer(s) intially needed a way to test their ROV controller code remotely while under development (our hardware is an off-the-shelf uC and completely custom software) and the internet code provided a simplified control interface. The advantages to the system ended up being such that we abandoned the original control system and fully developed the internet control system. Initially, a spare controller was connected to the internet, but later the actual ROV was used just to see if we could. Then it became the sole control method, although we can use it local or remote by clicking a button which changes the target ip address. I would prefer not to go into all of the details until the competition date has passed, but you can PM me.

(Marcus) #5

Did you find the video feed suitable quality?

(Joe) #6

No. The latency from the IP cameras was about 3 seconds, then add to that another second or so over the netwiork.

(Jacob) #7

Just a follow up here, @patrickelectric was able to control my ROV on the US east coast from his desk in Brazil according to the points I outlined above. We did have to play with the video stream settings to get latency to a good point (it is drastically better when the resolution is lower), but in all, I’m quite pleased with the initial results. We were going through our home internet and wifi, I’m not sure how well it would work on a cellular network, probably not so well.

Will do a stronger writeup when time provides.

Control ROV via internet
(rohit ) #8

can give me write up how do that @jwalser


(Jacob) #9

You will see when we have the writeup completed by looking here:

(Etienne Demers) #10

I connected to a client’s ROV using my controller and flexihub and teamviewer.

The lag for the control was terrible but apparently this can be improved.

Might be worth a try.