How to Access when not on the same network

I want to build a system that controls and monitors BlueROV on the ground.
So I’ve been thinking about the configuration below, will it work?
if that works, I think I need to create a new program like QGC that works on Android.
Is there any other way to do it remotely if that approach is wrong?

That should work. with that setup the ROV should be able to access the internet, correct?

Then you could just use our ZeroTier extension.

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Thanks @williangalvani .
You mean install ZeroTier on my phone and Raspberry Pi on BlueROV2, and connect both to the same Network ID?

Then, ZeooTier is the way to use it without port forwarding . Good

That is correct. I have been using it a lot with no issues, and we have controlled some ROVs remotely using it, with varying degrees of success.

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Thank you.
I understand the possibility of the above configuration.
I’ll be back after buying a router and repeater.