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Great Barrier Reef - Remote Control

Hi everyone,

I’m in lockdown at the moment, so today decided to get my ROV fix by testing out @adam-cropp’s teleport.fish remote piloting system, which lets you control a BlueROV2 Heavy in the Australian Great Barrier Reef :smiley:

It’s a really new system, so there’s still the occasional bug/oddity that’s being figured out, but that’s half the fun of being on the cutting edge. I had a blast piloting the ROV around, and got some nice photos of coral and fish, so thought I’d share some here :slight_smile:

Control Interface

This is the interface, while I was looking at the boat the ROV is tethered to (which looks kind of like a whale…):

Some (simple) image processing

I’ve recently been playing around a bit with some quite simple image processing, which I originally discussed and showed a bit here. It’s intentionally kept very minimal (computationally) because that makes it more likely it (or something similar) could be integrated as real-time processing on a camera stream (e.g. in QGC, or as a step between the ROV and QGC).

It seems to work well enough that I thought it was worth applying to my photos, since it clears away quite a bit of the ‘haze’ look, and makes it easier to see the details and some more vibrant colours of what’s in view (although they’re not guaranteed to be correct/fully realistic). Note that it works best on pure images, without overly bright/dark things in front of the camera, as I mention a bit in this comment. Accordingly I’ve cropped any screenshots I took to not include the interface/buttons. Here’s an example of the before and after:

Some nice photos

The rest of the photos are just the processed ones from my dive - enjoy :slight_smile: