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Controlling BlueRov2 via mobile phone surface controller

This is video of a work in progress to control a custom built BlueRoV2 directly via an iPhone (or tablet) app. This involves designing for the very small screen and making everything very simple and flexible to use. Not all parts of the video were shot in sequence but it is designed to show what’s going on.

This was the first real sea trial of the ROV and there are still bug fixes and enhancements to be made. It is anticipated that the depth value generated by the new Ping1D will plug straight into the existing depth profile as a data series so you can see where you are in the water column. This also lends itself to a new sea floor hold function and many other capabilities planned to be added in the future.


…Just an update to say that a live Ping echo sounder feed has now been incorporated into the automatically generated dive profile graph ‘on the bench’ - still on the mobile phone.

Look forward to trying it out in open water very soon…


Great work Andrew … coming along nicely mate !!!

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Looking great mate, talk about rapid development!!

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Thanks Matt and Marcus (and the help of Patrick and Jacob from BR)

I am looking at integrating the Ping Viewer data as a new tab page asap…I will have a look at it tonight.

However, I am just buying a new supercomputer cluster (3 distributed Raspberry PI’s) to drive the BlueRov2 complete with internal cooling fan, new power distribution unit (PDU), and internal network switching :grinning: I am also hoping to get some additional internal leak protection going to trying and mitigate the Alaska Submarine scenario…


can you sahre the app?my email:wanggaoxian@dlmu.edu.cn

The control is via a website hosted on the ROV, and displayed on the mobile phone, It not an app.

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