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Project Lantz -- BlueROV build

Greetings All,

Just wanted to share an update of a modified BlueROV2 that we have been working on. Build is now complete and we will be performing a pool test on it soon to check buoyancy, trim, and underwater operation. We started with a standard BlueROV2 kit, heavy retrofit kit, and payload skid. We upgraded all cylinders to Al, added a Ping 360 Sonar, Ping altimeter Sonar, and Newton gripper. An extra cylinder was integrated to act as our “server closet” (top cylinder). This cylinder contains a 4K IP camera, Delta ROV Expansion kit, and Delta ROV network switch. We have an additional custom 3" Al cylinder with a fisheye IP camera for tether management mounted on the rear of the payload skid. Inside the main enclosure (middle) we have integrated a Poseidon Robotics Power Supply and MUX to allow for all IP devices (2 camera, and Ping 360 data from server closet) to transmit data to surface. Cobalt connectors were used for all connections except for the thrusters. 3 sets of lights (4 x’s front top, 2 x’s front down, and 2 x’s rear) were added that can all be controlled individually. We are using a Delta ROV HCU for surface control, and I must personally thank Etienne for some one-on-one remote configuration from the Philippines.
The genesis of this device is for inspection of mining, tailings, and other remediation dams and underwater features. I can’t say much on operational project work as it is all under a non-disclosure agreement. Looking forward to some pool testing and updates soon!


Cool setup Ian!

It might be worth using the latest Ping Viewer’s ‘Always-On-Top’ mode and reducing the opacity in the Display Settings so your sonar displays can sit on top of QGC and at least partially display some of that cropped off video :slight_smile:

There’s also some discussion of the display gradient options here that may be of interest, along with some in-use videos and a bit more discussion in this thread.

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Thanks Eliot, Just upgraded to the latest ping software. I like not having the CMD promp open up as well! We will be water testing it in a pool this week, or next…then on to the tailings ponds.

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Hi Ian,

Just getting around to checking this out! I would love to share this on our social media if you wouldn’t mind?

Thank you!

Absolutely! Go for it…I have an account on there, and Fairweather IT has one as well….


It looks great and you have certainly managed to fit a lot of hardware in there. We hope the MUX suits you and please share some video from the test tank.