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New Ping-Viewer Version v2.2 is available!

Greetings Blue Buddies! After some time, our beloved Ping-Viewer has a new software update! :fire: :fire:

We’ve been working hard over the last months to improve and bring an entirely new experience for the companion computer - stay tuned for updates on that in the near future :smiley:. In the meantime, here’s a long-awaited release of Ping-Viewer! As always, the focus is on stability, reliability and performance, but with that said, we’ve also included some features requested by the community :blue_heart:

Download :package:

Ping-Viewer v2.2 :zap:

  • New opacity configuration.
    • Now you can see what is under Ping-Viewer in your screen.
  • New Always-On-Top mode.
    • You don’t need to switch back to the application, it’ll always be there for you.
  • New Ping360 IP address configuration.
    • For those that are doing network experiments with the ROV.
  • New visual feedback for invalid field inputs.
  • New validation checks for network configuration.
  • Fix visual bug on Ping1D speed of sound input.
  • Fix Ping360 ‘Reset Settings’ button.
  • Fix head down configuration for Ping360.
  • Fix bug related to network subnet configuration.
  • Fix bug where the application is positioned in an external screen that does not exist anymore.
  • Fix bug while looking for tool to flash Ping1D.
  • Improve Ping-Viewer icons quality.


For more information :paperclip:


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Just updated the download links to v2.2.1, which:

  • stops the windows command-prompt from opening unnecessarily,
  • fixes a minor bug, and
  • makes it easier for developers to build Ping Viewer on macOS :slight_smile:
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