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Ping Viewer Suggestion - double window

I saw the new Ping Viewer announcement post, but couldn’t reply to it since the post was closed. New Ping-Viewer Version v2.2 is available!

One new feature that I would like is to have a ‘double’ Ping Viewer so I can see both Ping sonars with one window. Using 2 Ping Viewers works great, but it’s slightly inconvenient to have to open 2 instances of the program and then having to snap each one to use half of the screen. My idea is to just ‘stack’ 2 instances side-by-side, but still function as 1 window for convenience’s sake. There could even be an option on the settings to select either single or double mode, so a single Ping Viewer version could be used by everyone.

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Hi @btrue,

We have that in mind yes, the software architecture was project to support such feature in the future, you can also see that the device manager UI was algo projected for that. Sadly, since we are working in some high priorities for now, we are without time to accomplish such feature, but is indeed something that we want to accomplish.

You can check the status of the feature request here:

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Thanks. It’s obviously an extremely low priority.