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Ping Viewer Download / Install Issues

(Andrew) #1


Ping Viewer for windows download is available here:

but the link here is broken:

Also when I installed the ping viewer application (with no echosounder inputs yet), I get the Blue Robotics logo which comes and goes and then nothing else happens. The ping viewer process sits in the background but there is no message about whats going on. The user sees nothing on screen.

I have installed Windows FTDI VCP Driver Executable…

The following shows the install - large on screen icons for clarity…

(Patrick José Pereira) #2

Hi Andrew,

Sorry for the broken link, it’ll work now :slight_smile:

Can you upload the most recent file in Documents\PingViewer\Gui_Log ?
Also, you can try to run the debug build, this will create a popup with the log to show what is going wrong.

(Andrew) #3


The contents of Documents\PingViewer\Gui_Log is empty:

However when you run the debug viewer it runs!

20190131-175827421.txt (370.8 KB)


(Patrick José Pereira) #4

Hi Andrew,

Glad that the debug build is working for you.
I’ll send a PM about the normal version.

My best regards,

(Patrick José Pereira) #5

Just to updating this.
The problem was a wrong downloaded link in the documentation. Everything is fixed, the last version works fine.