Difficulties compiling Ping Viewer from Source Code

When using Qt to compile pingvewer source code, you will be prompted that “ping message all. h” is missing

An alternative to compiling Ping Viewer from source might be SonarView from Cerulean Sonar. Supports both Ping and Ping360 and runs on Windows, Mac and Linux.

Hi @julian, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

ping-message-all.h is definitely linked to from the repository. Did you perhaps forget to update the submodules when getting the source code?

There are precompiled versions of Ping Viewer that should run on most computers. Are you building it to add your own modifications, or to support some hardware that doesn’t have an existing build? :slight_smile:

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I am an engineer from China, and I have bought 12 sets of ping360 sonar. Our operating system uses Android, and I want to compile the software into Android or ARM

Ok, fair enough :slight_smile:

Sorry, I tried many times but failed. Can you give me a complete file?

now,i find a new problem,“KCrash”: No such file or directory

We do not have pre-compiled executables available other than those I linked to earlier.

I’m not sure why you’re running into that error.

From a search of the source code it seems that KCrash is used when making a debug build on a Windows system. I can only assume either you’re building on a Windows computer and for some reason don’t have KCrash included in your Qt install, or the check has a bug and is being applied incorrectly. I don’t know enough about Qt on Windows to know whether KCrash is expected to be installed automatically, so I’ve asked our software team whether they have particular ideas about the cause of your error.

Note that it’s very difficult to make suggestions because you haven’t shared information like

  • what system you’re running on
  • how you’re trying to build
  • the compilation outputs
  • the error traceback

Can you tell me how the source code files are combined with the sub modules from git? When I pull the ping message to the source file, something else will appear H is missing, so the correct method? At present, I have downloaded three files. I downloaded ping viewer through git, the precompiled ping viewer continuous and the ping viewer master through the website of domestic agents. I don’t know how to combine them. The current computer version is window11, the QT version is 5.15.2, and the compilation environment is VS2019. As for why 2017 is not selected, the reason is that installing QT5.15 provides the debugging environment for VS2015 and VS2019. As for the kcash. h error, main. c contains include<kcash. h>, which will be compiled to the header file in debug.

Hi @julian,

For detailed instructions to compile ping-viewer, you can check the link provided here:

As described in our documentation, you should download the source code and initialize the submodules using the git command.

  • If you are download the source code from GitHub using git, you’ll need to build it to have a working binary.
  • I don’t understand what you mean by “combine them” , can you be more explicit or explain what is your final go ?

About KCrash, it’s only necessary for debug deployment, you need to build in release and not debug.

Note: We do not support Android and don’t have plans to add such capability in the future.

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