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Ping-Viewer Android Port

Hi All,

I was wondering if anyone had managed to port the Ping-Viewer to android before I start writing any code to do this?

I want to use it as a fish/depth finder on my phone/tablet and run it alongside QGroundControl.

Thanks in advance for any replies.


I don’t think anyone has tried this, but I would be interested to see it if you get it working!

Hi @temma2k2,

That’s a cool application.

For Ping Viewer android integration, it can be a bit tricky, from what I know the Qt serial library does not have official support for Android, you can check more about it here.

To integrate Ping sensor with the computer or cellphone, you’ll just need a usb-serial adapter (rs232-ttl) connected between your device and ping, I recommend to use our bluart.

If you are facing problems with the serial integration in android, you could use a raspberry or an esp* microcontroller to export the serial interface via an UDP socket connection.

I hope that you share your progress with us.

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