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Ping 360 basic example

Hi All,
Are there any simple, but complete C++ QT example programs for the ping 360, for instance to simply command the device to a certain angle, make a measurement, give the confidence. similar to the arduino example provided for the 1d.

I’ve trawled through the documentation, and the repos on git, but can’t find anything.


Hello there,
I think the C++ lib is still a work in progress, the main issue is with the PingDevice class that handles the communication with the sonar. You can however use the Python one as it’s pretty straight forward and easy to use.


Please check Ping-Viewer source code here, you can check the ping360.cpp for more information about how to deal with Ping360 sensor.

Besides that, as said, we also have the C++ library that provides the protocol abstraction for Ping-Viewer. We are still working to provide the best library possible for the users and for the different use cases, but right now is totally possible to use the libraries to communicate with the sensor, since it’s already being done in Ping-Viewer.