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Ping360 ROS Package

Hey all!

@Stormix and I are working in a ROS Package for the Ping360 sonar, we managed to do so using the python library you provided (brping). We published our work on GitHub Here it is it’s still a WIP (/develop branch). You can check it out and let us know what you think.

However, we were wondering if there is an ETA on the ping-cpp device library, because we would like to create a C++ version of the package.

Best regards,
Henrique Martinez.


Hi @henrique,
I’m very interested with your work on the ping360.
I have one that I will put on a RC boat already on ROS and NAVIO2.
If you need maintainer, I would be glad to help you.

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Also I would like to know why you use the type of topic “Image” for this device ?
We would like to implement it in a slam so I would suggest a custom msg based on laser_scan at low rate.

Hello Thomas!
As I mentioned on Github issue, the initial purpose of the project was to be able to do some image processing on the sonar output images without having to go through the ping viewer.
We are open to adding new features, as long as time allows it :smiley:. I’m personally not familiar with laser_scan msg type but I’ll take a look at it.
Meanwhile, feel free to create a pull request on the project if you want to help.


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Thanks for sharing!

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