Ping360 operation by ROS

Hello everyone at BlueRobotics!

I am doing research on underwater robots.
Currently, I want to use sonar data to control underwater robots.
So I bought Ping360 as sonar.
First I tried to get it to work with ROS noetic to get data from Ping360.
I obtained the ROS package for Ping360 from the following URL

I then followed the instructions on that website and entered the roslaunch command. However, I could not get the sonar to launch.
PingViewer did confirm the connection to the sonar, but unlike when I tried to launch it with ROS, I could clearly see that Ping360 was working.
So I would like to ask, are there any steps necessary to use Ping360 in ROS? For example, the steps to start Ping360 in ROS.
I look forward to your reply.

Best regards,

Hi @Shunsuke, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

That package isn’t developed or maintained by us, so I don’t know enough about it to help.

Perhaps @omhaalan has some idea (since they have previously worked with the package), but your best bet is likely raising an issue in the repository to specify what you’ve tried so far, and ask for setup help.