Ping 360 service


Currently working on reading out data from a ping360 sonar using open-source code.
I’ve managad to get some response with data using the library: GitHub - bluerobotics/ping-python at 78e0299f3bec1ef3feb8e35f5e1c93b21428d317
Also able to see the sonar in ping viewer

However connection is not always stable sometimes ping viewer/library don’t seem to get a signal and after waiting a while or after restarting companion computer seems to be working fine.

I’ve noticed that the service of ping sonar (standard on port 9092) is not visible under services in the blueOS. Could there be something wrong in the setup of this sonar?


This could be a bug in Ping Service. can you share the latest logs at http://blueos.local:7777/file-browser/files/system_logs/ping/ ?

Hi Willian,

Thank you for the quick response. I found logs under directory:
The version of the blueOS: 1.0.1-0-gbc26236
When looking at services in blueos, I can’t find a ping service. Ping viewer works (most of the time) however.

Following actions were performed during log capture:

ping-logs.txt (843.4 KB)

The web interface for the pings service did not exist in BlueOS 1.0, and is currently only available in recent BlueOS-1.1 beta releases (which you can try out by selecting the desired version from the Version Chooser with Pirate Mode turned on). The “Available Services” page is generated from detected HTTP servers, so does not display services without an interface/API.

From a quick look, the service detects and successfully connects to your Ping360, then proceeds to wait for any other updates to the ports. The service itself does not seem to be aware of any issues.

This comment (and the thread preceding it) may provide some insight into possible causes for the problem you’re running into.

The opensource project I was using: Ping360 git did not contain an option to connect through udp using the c++ code (only using the python code). I managed to read out sonar data today. using the command

ros2 run ping360_sonar --ros-args -p udp_address:="" -p udp_port:="9092" -p connection_type:="udp" -p publish_scan:="true" -p publish_echo:="true"

Good to know that the Beta release for BlueOS contains a visual for this service also and also thank you for linking the other thread. If I run into issues with sonar during field testing this might give a solution for me.

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